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lick dick eat rice

Eat Crew Eat You
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I LIEK FOOD, DO YOU LIEK FOOD? yeah so what the fuck fatties, why not list what you like to eat (10-20 things, whatever) and we will call you RUBES and MARKS for not liking the same shit we like.

ADVICE: this is not a place for picky eaters, carb counters, vegetarians or anyone else that eats according to CONSCIENCE or anything else besides DOES THIS TASTE GOOD or DOES THIS FEEL GOOD IN MY MOUTH WHEN I BITE IT? fake cheese, applesauce cookies and tofurkey are not real food.

If you are trying to find a specific post, you can either click on this link where we have such as recipes and shit categorized, or you can just LOOK BACK A COUPLE PAGES. This community is not that big.

eat crew