snake banner, P.I. (sallybanner) wrote in eatcreweatyou,
snake banner, P.I.


alton brown brined and then smoked turkey
homemade egg noodles cooked in chicken broth because there wont be any turkey juice due to smoking
gibbery giblet gravy which is not used for potatoes because thats where the noodles go, but instead will be put on the turkey, if you think its too dry (which it wont be thats what the brining is for), or your choice of stuffing which would be either:
cornbread regular (with gibberettes and again, chicken broth)
or cornbread oyster (if youre fucking insane)
aforementioned potatoes (mashed, I helped grow them!)
baked macaroni and cheese
baked beans
deviled eggs
cranberry salad thing that is whole cranberries, pecans, celery and pineapple in some flavor of jello
THE RELISH TRAY which i dont know what will be on it but i think there will be olives (green and black), radishes, maybe some celery with some sort of stuff on it
pumpkin pie

WE ARE SIMPLE FOLK WHO LIEK FOOD and will probably have the same for xmas with the addition of HAM.

friday I am having another thanksgiving with my mom's family and I am making chex mix tomorrow to bring as my contribution. its very HEARTABLE and yet requires little effort.

ps i hate sweet potatoes
Tags: holidays - thanksgiving
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