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I hooked this up today so I figured that I should post the recipe. It's thrifted from one I saw on the Food Network website, but I added mushrooms and since it was pretty damn good I thought I'd share.

Beef Short Ribs. I'd get ones without bones, and make sure to trim off the excess fat.
Carrots (for 3 1/2 pounds of ribs I used four. If you want to get rid of them, slice them, otherwise cut each one into three inch chunks)
Onions (I used one and a half medium white, if they're small go for three. Cut them, but not into a fine chop unless you plan on getting rid of them for the finished product)
Mushrooms (Who cares? They're mushrooms. Put as many as you have because it does not get any better folks)
Garlic (three good sized cloves chopped)
Some dredging flour, with salt and pepper and such. If you have Ms. Dash, throw some of it in there.
Dried Rosemary (I used a full teaspoon, but I love rosemary. You might want to go half)
BACON FAT (I guess you can use like, olive oil. If you're a pussy.)
Some red wine. (I know nothing about wine. I used a merlot, 3/4 cup.)
Beef stock. (Canned is fine, but go for low sodium, 2 or 3 cups.)

Start heating up your oven to 350 degrees. While that's going, get an oven safe dish, heat it to medium high, and add the bacon fat. (you need enough to cook all your short ribs). Dredge the ribs in flour, shake off excess, and brown them nicely. Remove as they get brown, DO NOT OVERCROWD POT. When they're all done, get rid of all but two tablespoons of the fat, cook the veggies until brown on the edges. Add some S&P (salt and pepper), deglaze with the wine and stock, then add the ribs. Don't worry if some are sticking out, as the stuff cooks the juice level will double. Every half hour or so, just check the meats and such, pour some juice over the top. Cook for two hours.

Once the ribs are tender, put them in an over safe dish, turn the oven to 100 or so, and put the ribs in there. (I took out the mushrooms and carrots too, but if you don't want to have them along just leave them in the pot) Now, the juice? Strain it through a sieve into a pan, heat the pan to medium or so, and let the sauce cook until thicken. Once it's there, just spoon over your ribs and serve. I recommend some hellified mashed potatoes and some green beans.
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