Liz (angrysamoan) wrote in eatcreweatyou,

So bad for you, but so tastiful

This is how I like to make green beans. First, I fry up a whole pack of bacon and I save the drippings. This is real important, kids - trust me. Cut (or tear if your a beast like me) the bacon up into little pieces, or big pieces... doesn't really matter, I suppose. I then take a can of green beans, I like the french cut, butonve agaim it doesn't matter. I completely drain all the green bean juice from the can so they are as dry as possible. Then, I pour them into a pot AND THEN I pour the bacon drippings and bacon in with them. I add some salt, some pepper, and then let it get all hot and steamy on the stovetop. SO GOOD!
Tags: recipes - bacon, recipes - vegetables
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