katharine elizabeth (pyrobunnie) wrote in eatcreweatyou,
katharine elizabeth

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Hmmm...I feel like banana pudding ice cream.

Tomorrow I'm 21, and I'm planning what I will eat. Is that weird? :-) My mom is making me funfetti cupcakes with funfetti icing. I am making crab stew. This is because I can buy sherry, and crab stew needs it, so now I can make decent crab stew. Then for dinner I believe I want Carrabas. Not sure if I want the gorgonzola pasta, or the shrimp scampi pasta. Then, after I go to the bar, I am going to the 24hr Mexican drive through for 1 carne asada taco, and 1 pork taco. Yum. That's my favorite cupcakes, soup, pasta, and tacos all in one day. I am a fatty. :-D
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