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Best meal ever?

We ate at this place, the California Grill. It was amazing. It was quite possibly the best complete meal I've ever had. That includes appetizer, first course, main entree, and desert. Even the bread was dead sexy.

We had 4 cheese flatbread with basil pesto and sundried tomatoes, then sonoma goat cheese ravolis with peppers, mushrooms, and more sundried tomatoes, in a thin red sauce which got ABUSED by the bread as I soaked it all up beause it was so flavorful. My fiance and I split both of those. Then she got grilled pork tenderloin with goat cheese polenta, which was so tender, it fell apart in your mouth. So good. Then I got black grouper with piperade (pureed green pepper), more peppers and mushrooms, olive oil whipped mashed potatoes, 'merque' sausage (spicy and tangy flavor), and crisp rock shrimp. My plate was DEVOID OF LIFE in 10 minutes. Then we capped it off with myself having warm chocolate cake with a molten chocolate center, with white chocolate ice cream on the side, all of this covered with scotchy whiskey caramel, and she had this apple tart thing, which I completely ignored because I was blinded by the light of my own desert.

But I want to ask you all - what is the best meal you can remember having?
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whoa LJ is telling me you went to cook, rad
that sounds wicked delicious, i think one of the best meals i ever had was at this sushi place in san francisco -- everything was just so fresh and delicious and mouth-melty, but it was several years ago and i can't remember any details except for that it is making me salivate even now.
The All-Star Plate at a Waffle House in Columbus, OH after completing the 12-ish hour long drive there from Atlanta.

Cheeseburger and fries and a Death By Chocolate Malted at a little icecream place in Palmer, AK that has probably been run out of town by Coldstone Creameries by now. The burger was fat and juicy, the fries were real potato fried to crunchiness, and the malted was out of this world.
Best meal I ever had makes me sad. I don't remember where it was. I was about 8 and my family and I had gone on vacation to Boston, then drove from Boston up to Maine. Somewhere between Boston and Maine I had the BEST 2 scallop dishes. One was in Boston, I'm fairly sure. At a local fast food place. Fried scallops, melted in your mouth. The other was on the road, no idea where. Scallops and pasta in a really yummy sauce. Years later all I remember about that trip was the fried scallops and that pasta sauce.