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It turns out its really hard to come up with your top ten or so favorites...

1. Steamed blue crab, seasoned with old bay. I can't tell you how much ordering crab in Florida hurt my soul when I moved. I had no idea people actually boiled crab.
2. Velveeta Shells and Cheese.
3. A good Ceasar salad. Not one with fake dressing... one with the real stuff... the kind you can actually taste the anchovies in. :)
4. Sauteed squash and zucchini made with heavy garlic, mushrooms, and onions.
5. Chicken taco soup. Its amazing what a little packet of that old el paso taco seasoning will do to a pot of soup.
6. Frozen grapes. Taste like candy.
7. Pizza with fresh tomatoes, garlic, and feta cheese.
8. Maryland tomato sandwiches, made with mayo, american cheese, salt and pepper.
9. Chili lime chicken.
10. Steak and Shake's tuna melt. God only knows why that tastes so damned good... but when you're drunk... yeah.
11. Lemon pepper broccoli.
12. Edy's Boysenberry sorbet.
13. Taco Hell's grilled stuffed burrito, chicken not steak, no rice, no beans, extra tomatos and extra sour cream. Mmmmmmmm... gooey.
14. S'mores. Who doesn't love them? Mmmmmm taste like childhood...
15. Speaking of childhood.... Babies. Babies in Lemon Butter sauce. Cooked medium rare with a side of chianti.
16. Asiago risotto. The only acceptable usage of really uber-cheap white wine.
17. Apricot & Spicy mustard pork tenderloin.

Weirdest urge to cook...
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