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I found this community through the mystical COTI... I love to HOMPTH, so I will do the introduction of the foods I love to eat. I may very well sound like a fattie, I even have a fascination for using too much butter, but I am no fattie.

First and foremost, I'm a big condiment junkie. I have a wide array of salad dressings and sauces to sample with. My latest fix has been Snyder of Hanover pretzel Snaps dipped in just about anything.

The foods to die for:

1. Heart attack chili: My woman's chili, mild except when she experiments and it ends up too spicy for her, but just right for me, mixed with a box of Velvetta shells and cheese. I can honestly say I never knew what true heartburn was before this.

2. NJ Pizza. If you're from NJ, and not had pizza from Vinnie's Pizzarama in Wayne, Godfather's in East Hanover, or pizza from one of the numerous Frank's in the area, shame on you. This is all 'New York' style, but it is better than most pizza I've had in NYC. I can't speak for all Frank's, but Godfather's and Vinnie's are staffed by the most hardcore Italians this side of a mob stereotype, so you know you're getting the real deal.

The only other pizza that I've had that holds a candle to the places mentioned is pizza from the White Horse Tavern in Flint, Michigan. While not in the same style as the NJ/NY pizza, it is greasy to the core, and the sauce is kick ass.

3. Sushi, particularly something called the Rocky Roll. It is your standard roll, with miso-flavored shrimp, topped with salmon and mozzarela cheese. Excellent. On research, it seems nearly every restaurant has a rocky roll of their own, so finding what I'm talking about can be hard.

4. General's Chicken, but only GOOD General's Chicken. I was lucky enough to have a roommate in college for 3 years whose family own a chinese restaurant near Red Bank. When I say good General's Chicken, I basically mean their's, as I have yet to find a place that matches the level of quality they produce. Give me a barrel of white rice on the side and I'm home free.

5. Wise's Dipsy Doodles. God's own personal corn chip. Quite possibly the saltiest thing on earth.

6. Falls View's Texas Weiner. Sadly, I swore these off for personal reasons, but it is the best chili dog/texas weiner/coney you can get.

7. A good bruschetta. Incredibly easy to find in northern NJ, and somewhat odd for someone that has never been crazy about diced tomatoes. Crisp and soggy at the same time is a nice bonus if you can find it.

8. My woman's lasagna. I don't understand it, but she uses cottage cheese instead of ricotta, and it is fucking incredible. It's her mom's recipe, and when I first had it, I must have had 3 servings of it.

9. Garlic bread. The unhealthier, the better. Melt cheese on it and my cholestrol jumps in anticipation.

10. Sundried tomatoes. Again, I don't like tomatoes unless they are less than diced, but here, I make an exception. Combine it with fresh mozzarela and some proscuitto for maximum tastiness.

11. Buffalo anything. (Well, within reason). Except wings. I don't like meat on the bone. Buffalo Wild Wings makes some great ones, and their different levels of wing sauce are quite tasty.

12. The sausage sandwich you can get right outside Yankee Stadium. For the love of god, I cannot remember the name of the brand of sausage, but it is the best.

13. KFC's boneless honey BBQ wings. Death induces afterwards from tastiness and unhealthiness. Be warned.

14. Snyder's of Hanover's flavored sourdough pretzel bits, any flavor.
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